Film, tv and performances director, photographer and screenwriter.
I'm passionate about storytelling, directing actors, and creating characters and aesthetic worlds.
Art has always amazed me and touched me in all its forms. My training is multidisciplinary and mainly self-taught.
In my early days of experimenting I directed theatrical performances, and filmed both documentaries and shorts movies.
At the same time I started a career as assistant director and casting director in feature films.
I direct commercials, documentaries, tv, performances and music videos. Specializing in storytelling, humor, drama and actors direction,
but I love the challenge of new genres.
I have always developed my passion for photography, either from personal or comercial work.
I also work as a screenwriter and content developer in my own work and for different artistic and commercial projects.
Some of my work as director:
-Tv commercials in Argentina, México, United States, Chile and Paraguay.
-La Felicidad. Documentary for Fundación Banco de Alimentos.
-Experimentos para Hacer en Casa, a Stand Up and Science tv show, for Canal Encuentro.
-La Abundancia, film inspired by the work of pianist and composer Fernando Otero (work in progress).
-La Guerra de los Simulacros, documentary based on William Shakespeare's Hamlet and the staging that Ricardo Bartis performed
on this work at Teatro San Martín.
-Psicósis y Autismo Infantil, documentary for Hospital Italiano de Argentina.

-Viaje al Fin de la Noche, tv documentary about events that occur at Night.
-Camel, weekly series of tv shows and commercials, canal Telefe.
-Director and writer of designer Martin Coronel’s fashion show Frida, at BA Fashion Week.
-Music videos for Bersuit, Los Violadores, Marcela Morelo, Fernando Otero, Juana la Loca, Willy Crook, Erica García, María Epumer
and Diego Frenkel.
Some of my work as screenwriter and content developer:
-Script of La Felicidad, documentary for Fundación Banco de Alimentos.
-Scripts and monologues for Experimentos para Hacer en Casa, a Stand Up and Science tv show, Canal Encuentro.
-Scripts for Emprendedores SSI, a tv documentary serie, canal Tecnópolis tv.
-Scripts for Escuela Abierta, tv documentary and educational serie, canal Encuentro.
-Creative direction and scripts in advertising campaigns for Cáritas Argentina, Ferrero Argentina, Consejo Nacional de la Niñez
and Fundación Argentina del Hombre.